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Viva Diva

Daniel Flores
United States, 2017, 15 min.

In English.
Includes violence and adult language.

Viva Diva is a road trip movie following Rozene and Diva as they make their way down to Guadalajara for their gender affirmation surgeries. Rozene stops in on her father to try to get answers about their fractured relationship, but drama stands in the way of her getting the closure she seeks.

Director's Statement

I am ecstatic that what I started writing 4 years ago has come to life! My only goal back then was to make an honest portrayal of a trans couple in love. But over my time with the story, I was able to learn so much not only about myself but about the communities my story portrayed. I started writing the story after I watched a 20/20 special where a trans woman of color discussed the sex work she was doing to afford surgery abroad. Statistically transgender/two spirit women of color face violence disproportionately and are deprived of many economic necessities making them vulnerable. This often times leads to sex work. I had to express these truths. My Grandmother on my dad's side said we had Yaqui ancestors. Rommula was Yaqui she said and born during a time of war in Sonora Mexico. Rommula was the catalyst for Viva Diva. The Yaqui wars were devastating to my ancestors, and a lot of their history has been taken because of them. But I set out to keep them alive through my story. I didn't get to set my story on my homelands because my story's Native lead was Navajo so I decided to set it on the Navajo Nation. I did try and show a glimpse of a world important to my people, Sea Aniya or Flower World at the end. My hope is that my short film not only vivifies the reality of trans women of color but that it allows you to feel an enchanted world in your heart. I am humbled to have been able to work on this project and eternally grateful.

Category: Drama.
Themes: LGBTQ, Family, Relationships, Road Trip, Women.

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