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Carry Tiger to Mountain

Rajiv Shah
United States, 2019, 29 min.

In English & Mandarin with English subtitles.

A terminally ill jazz trumpeter cannot reconcile the differences between the two people he loves most: his compassionate caregiver and a neglected daughter who fights to get closer to him.

Director's Statement

"Instead of looking oncoming death squarely in the face, we behave as it will never come. We lie to one another, we lie to ourselves, and instead of giving voice to the essential... we allow this final, essential, unique moment of life to be mired in silence and solitude." -Marie de Hennezel

My own observations caregiving for a family member and Ms. Hennezel's quote is the unifying theme behind our film. I was surprised to find that exploring death allowed me to find an abundance of life and that life is the driving force of Carry Tiger to Mountain.

Category: Drama.
Themes: Aging, Family, Relationships.

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