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Human Rights

  • Finding Courage

    Finding Courage

    Kay Rubacek
    United States, 2020, 81 min.

    A former journalist for the Chinese Communist Party  living in exile in San Francisco struggles to settle into life in America while working to heal her... more ›

  • Five Years North

    Five Years North

    Chris Temple
    United States, 2020, 88 min.

    15-year-old Luis Lopez arrives alone in New York City after a dangerous journey north. He is spellbound by the bright lights of Times Square and the promise of... more ›

  • The Wall Between Us (Zwischen uns die Mauer)

    The Wall Between Us (Zwischen uns die Mauer)

    Norbert Lechner
    Germany, 2019, 110 min.

    1986. 17-year-old Anna travels to East Berlin. There she meets Phillip. It is "love at first sight". But the happiness of young love is overshadowed by a... more ›